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Twin City Fence hereby guarantees the workmanship and material for the contracted job, per the original Quote/Project as follows:
 Twin City Fence guarantees that all projects will be free of Fence & Gate workmanship defects for one year from the date of installation and all defects occurring within that period shall be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Twin City Fence at no cost to the owner. Any exceptions to this must be specified in original purchase contract. 1. Physical damage from Abuse or neglect of installed materials shall void this warranty. 2. All implied warranties, including merchantability, are limited to one year. 3. Twin City Fence does not warranty any fence material against wind, rain or any acts of nature. 4. Twin City Fence is not responsible for issues caused by drought or other severe weather. Shifting in the ground and/or areas that hold excessive water. 5. Landscaping additions and/or soil,dirt or mulch that exceeds past the rot board(or above grade on framing side). A barrier shall be installed between the fence and the addition of any landscaping. 6. Lumber is a natural resource and most lumber products used are #2 grade and better which can vary from piece to piece on quality. All products are installed “as is” directly from the bundle and allow for knots, splits, cracks, weather checks, rot and wane. Lumber is not warranted against warpage or splitting. 7. Non-payment, in part or in whole, by the customer for services rendered or materials provided, per the original contract or invoice, shall void this warranty. 8. Twin City Fence does not warranty repairs of any kind. 9. Some warranty items that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover labor to replace warrantied materials and customer will be responsible for labor cost to replace warranty parts. 10. Twin City Fence has the right to determine if the warranty will cover repairing the fence, or gate based on an inspection and consultation with the customer. 11. Warranty work will be added to the regular schedule and any rush repairs or work may require extra fees not covered by this warranty. 12. No other company or person not authorized by Twin City Fence may work on repairs or service the gate during the warranty period without voiding the labor warranty above. 13. If a warranty or service call is requested and the repair turns out to not be something other than a warrantied related issue the customer agrees to pay an appropriate repair fee quoted by Twin City Fence. All pricing will be at the discretion of Twin City Fence and must be approved before work will be completed. With this being said Twin City Fence guarantees all lumber to be free of physical defects and abnormalities prior to installation, we do not use any builders materials which in turn means our expectations of the quality are very high. All materials are inspected before physically installed. Any repairs not covered by Twin City Fence both in and beyond the warranty date will be priced at a fair and reasonable expense for ALL of Twin City Fence.